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Law and compliance influences all areas of the business environment. At Bowen Law Offices, we provide our clients with reliable representation in legal matters that arise every day in business including transactions, entity formation, contracts and tax planning.

Civil Litigation

If a problem arises that cannot be resolved without a lawsuit, the attorneys at Bowen Law Offices will engage in litigation. The attorneys at Bowen Law Offices are experienced in many areas of litigation, in both prosecution and defense and regularly practice in District, Probate, Circuit and Federal Court.

Real Estate

Bowen Law Offices is well versed in real estate matters ranging from large land acquisitions to the proper drafting of residential leases. Bowen Law Offices handles thousands of Land Lord Tenant matters per year.

Estate Planning

For over thirty years, Bowen Law Offices have represented clients in estate planning matters, including probate administration, wills, charitable and personal gifts, estate planning, powers of attorney, Medicaid planning, and trust administration.

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Business Formation Attorney Grand Haven

One of the first decisions your new Grand Haven area business must make is whether to file as a limited liability or sub S corporation. Both statuses have taxation benefits in Grand Haven area law, but vary in many ways. Therefore, you need the advice of a professional business formation attorney in making this decision. Our team at Bowen Law has provided many years of experience to the Grand Haven area regarding business formation advice and other matters in business law.

When dealing with business formation litigation, we at Bowen Law have the requisite experience in two important fields to defend your company’s interests. First, we understand how the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act affects the operations of Grand Haven area debt collectors. With many years of experience, we know that this can help protect a client’s interest. At Bowen Law, we deal with restrictive covenant litigation. Grand Haven based businesses that rely on confidentiality and non-compete agreements will appreciate this skill as it can protect their economic interests from threatening, disgruntled former employees.

Throughout our many years history dealing with business formation related matters, we at Bowen Law have always taken cost efficiency for clients into consideration. Grand Haven area businesses often make legal decisions based on underlying financial aspects, so we respect those desires by searching for each client’s most fitting business formation related options. Our team at Bowen Law is proficient in a variety of aspects in corporate law. This may include trademark considerations, nondisclosure forms, or other business formation related factors.

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Do not let your Grand Haven area business flounder. We can offer many years of experience towards ensuring your business is up to date and well protected from the complexity of Grand Haven area law. Business formation situations are no trivial matter. Call our team at (231)726-4484 for proper representation today.

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